This page is dedicated to all our partners who have joined ASC in the building of a more inclusive and diverse platform.

Chalk Wild is a great form of personal expression that humans of all ages will love! As you draw, color, erase, and draw again…you can customize your backpack for your everyday mood! As a sponsor of ASC, Chalk Wild is offering a 20% discount using promo code ASC so get your backpack today! There are tons of fun colors, so check out and get your backpack today!

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Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose strives to be a community anchor that helps to build awareness and understanding among people of diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic situations, religions, abilities and family configurations. We believe that our community wants the best for its children, and it is our goal to create opportunities for today’s children to become tomorrow’s visionaries. ASC is excited to be working with the Children’s Discovery Museum to combine efforts in creating a more diverse and inclusive platform for any individual on any spectrum to shine on.