Our Work


Learning social and emotional skills at an early age is integral to a child’s ability to flourish in society and to navigate independently through all of life’s transitions. Studies have shown that well-developed social skills can effectively help youth with disabilites build healthy and strong relationships with their peers, family and community members well into adulthood.

Located in the Bay Area, Autism Social Communities (ASC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on reducing the 80% unemployment rate amongst the autism population by hosting all-inclusive social events and building a society that fosters diversity and inclusion. Through parent- guided and peer mediated play, ASC cultivates social skills, language, and creativity while building a community for children who have autism and autism related disorders.

Autism Social Communities is grounded in the idea that play through specialized activities is essential for developing social skills. We believe that parent education as well as parent participation will help cultivate creativity, independence, collaboration and communication. We are grounded in the concept that “playful learning provides children the opportunity to actively engage, explore and discover the world around them (Dr. Roberta Golinkoff).”

Our company is invested in promoting four core values that we believe are fundamental to unveiling your child’s true potential in life.


We celebrate and encourage your child’s individuality. All children, with or without autism, have their own unique behaviors, learning styles, interests, and special quirks. Whether your child enjoys painting murals, building block animals, or merely feeling the soft texture of silly putty, we will cater to your child’s interests and continue to foster his or her curiosity.


We embrace and invite all children and families in the community to our events. We strive to foster social interaction between children with autism and their typical siblings and/or peers by encouraging cooperative play activities at our community events.


We are dedicated to building a community that promotes inclusiveness and celebrates the individuality of those on the autism spectrum. Our vision is to provide the ideal environment that encourages families and friends of those with autism to support each other and work together towards a brighter future.


We aspire to empower your child and you. Through our interactive events, we hope to provide you with a variety of educational tools that will help nurture the development of your child’s social skills. Ultimately, we hope to mitigate the stigmas of autism by unveiling your child’s true potential and ability to thrive independently and successfully in our society.